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Printed (hosted) by UK-2 Ltd., 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DY. Published by Nigel Horn on behalf of Mike Hibbs (Liberal Democrats) both at 40 Prince Edward Road, Billericay CM11 2HB.

Basildon & Billericay
Liberal Democrats

What a waste!

Mike Hibbs speaks out against Essex County Council’s plans to bring the county’s rubbish to Basildon

Under pressure from the Liberal Democrats, ECC Conservatives have abandoned their plans to build a waste incinerator – but are proposing instead to bring unsorted ‘black bag’ waste to Basildon for processing into Solid Recoverable Fuel.

“Essex has set itself a very low recycling aim of 50% by 2020, which is the minimum government target,” says Mike. “The Council should be improving kerbside collections to increase good quality recycling which can be used in a variety of sustainable and low carbon processes. Instead, the latest Conservative plan will produce fuel for burning, and as there’s only one world, the CO2 will contribute to global warming wherever it’s burned.”

“The Conservatives may say they’re green, but I don’t think they’ve got the point yet. And Basildon will bear the brunt of thousands upon thousands of heavy lorries bringing the County’s rubbish to the new site in Courtauld Road.”

“Our future – and our children’s future – depends on creating a more sustainable environment. Surely Essex can do better than this.”